Revolutionizing the way America builds homes

hybridCore Homes helps rebuild in Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park

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Welcome to the new paradigm in building.  hybridCore was created to give homeowners the benefits of modular home construction without any of the limitations.  By fusing factory built efficiencies with onsite construction we’ve designed a better way to build

A Trusted Partnership

A home is not simply four walls and a roof.  It is a special place for families to be raised, memories to be made, and futures to be built.  Our expertise means we have walked through this process before, and you can count on us every second of the process.

Architectural Accomplishment

Every design we create puts more than 30 years of experience into the details.  We base our designs on aesthetics, livability, and value engineering.  The bottom line, we won’t draw a house we wouldn’t live in ourselves.

Building for the Future

It’s important to reduce our waste and produce homes that use resources responsibly.  But our beliefs run deeper than that.  We are committed to revolutionizing the way America builds homes so our kids and our kid’s kids can enjoy this world we live in.

Our Plans

Single-Family Homes

Choose from one of our existing library plans or work with our designer to create a custom home

Second Dwelling Units

Most locales allow ADU’s up to 1,200 square feet to be added to an existing property.


Multi-Family, Apartments and Mixed Use

Modular is the future of multifamily projects.  Contact our office for development opportunities and possibilities.

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