How do I take care of customer service and warranty calls?

With a hybridCore Home, customer service is our number one priority.  Please call our office to speak with a customer service representative who can assist you right away.

Does a hybridCore come with a warranty?

Yes. A 1-year/10-year warranty is included.

Does your company offer financing?

At this time, we do not offer in-house financing. However, we have great relationships with local lenders and would be happy to assist making connections.

So I don’t need any special financing because it’s modular?

Nope! And no disclosures needed when selling.

How are your homes financed?

Lenders and banks view our homes as real property and therefore it is financed the same as any traditional construction.

Are your homes LEED Certified?

Because LEED Certification is site determined, a hybridCore Home can be LEED Certified with the right site plan if you choose to finish the home with that goal in mind.

What is specifically green about a hybridCore home?

  • Glidden Low VOC paint for cleaner indoor air
  • Highly efficient manufacturing that generates less waste than traditional construction
  • Energy efficient appliances along with water saving plumbing features
  • Low E2 vinyl windows
  • LED Lighting is standard
  • Safer insulation made from recycled content
  • Optional additions for solar panels, rain catchments, smart home technologies, and green or living roofs

hybridBuild sounds like a great options, but what if I still want to use my own contractor?

You are welcome to use your own contractor to complete the project AFTER the cores have been attached to the foundation.  We ask all independent contractors to have a 2 hour consultation with our construction team to become a “Certified hybridCore Contractor.”

Who completes the on-site construction?

A division of our company called hybridBuild completes the on-site construction.  They can handle most all projects within Northern and Central California.  Our team at hybridBuild is most familiar with our Core products and their pricing structure makes you wonder, “Why not choose them?”.

How is my home delivered and installed?

Your core or cores will be transported on a transport carrier and then set into place by a crane.  The cores are secured to the foundation by Simpson MASA anchors.

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