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When a devastating wildfire hits an area, it’s always tragic. When the event happens in your own backyard, as it did when the Tubbs fire hit Santa Rosa in October of 2017, it brings with it so much more. Not only did hybridCore Homes share, firsthand, in the stories, the emotions, and hurts of our families, friends and neighbors who lost so much, but we also had a yearning desire to help bring homes back to the people of Santa Rosa. We did that with one of the first completed homes in Coffey Park and now have homes underway in the Larkfield and Mark West areas as well. We continue to assist homeowner’s for the rebuilds in the Kincade, Wallbridge, and Glass Fire.

The Best of Modular and Conventional Construction

hybridCore Homes is a new paradigm in home construction, marrying together the efficiencies and other benefits of factory construction with the craftsmanship and customization of conventional construction. This combination of Core and site-built construction has particular benefits to a fire rebuild project. First, our revolutionary process saves time, which not only reduces some project costs but can help the homeowner get back to their home sooner. Second, because our costs of construction are fixed at the time you purchase your Core and the Core is reliably built off-site, many of the unknowns and wide fluctuations in cost and lack of dependability of subcontractors in today’s post-fire climate disappears. And, finally, with our team of design experts, you can get exactly the home you’re looking for.  If you’re looking for quick and economical turn around, we have 10 plans that are predesigned and engineered for quick city or county approval.

No Better Rebuild Partner

HybridCore Homes is associated with the award-winning architecture firm of Farrell · Faber and Associates, also located in Santa Rosa with over 30 years of residential experience. Together, our knowledgeable team of experts can bring together all the necessary consultants and make navigating the otherwise daunting approval process and obtaining necessary permits simpler; allowing you, the homeowner, to focus on other details of post-fire life. We can even partner with our construction arm, hybridBuild, to present a seamless solution from design to move-in.

A Smoother Rebuild Process

hybridCore Homes has and continues to “revolutionize the way we build homes” and can be a vital resource in your fire rebuild process. We would love to sit down with you and further explain our technology and talk about how we can help get you back in to your home.


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